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ARENA CQB game play follows the same playing rules as paintball. If you’ve played airsoft, paintball or any first person shooter video game, then you already know how to play. However, unlike paintball and airsoft, Arena CQB provides the adrenalin without the pain and none of the cheating! And unlike video games, you’re gonna burn calories.

Realistic Equipment

Players are equipped with the latest BLACK OPS equipment! All team stats including the player hits, health, and score are displayed on large flat screens so you will know who the top dog really is!

The Field

We’ll break down players into teams and get them competing in fast paced close quarter battles on our private 1000 Sq Ft. Arena CQB Field. Games are fast paced and generally take 1-2 minutes each to play. The average 3 game round between two teams takes about 4-5 minutes. Then its on to the next 2 teams. Your session will last 1 1/2 hrs of almost non-stop play.

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