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Come Experience the latest new sport craze at the first official ArcheryTag® center in New York City. Battle it out “Old School Warrior Style” with true bows and safe arrows for the world’s first Safe archery battle. We’ll teach you how to shoot in our archery range and then get you and your friends battling it out on a 3000′ sq ft field.

archery tag bow and arrow and mask

Realistic Equipment

Play on our new turf with new IES bunkers and with top of the line equipment! Our bows and arrows are safe to play with. Our arrows have foam tips and bows are easy to use.

The Field

Two different game formats makes this as simple as it gets. Play with good old fashioned Dodge-Ball Rules, get hit and you’re out, catch a flying arrow and eliminate that player and bring one of yours back on, win by eliminating the opposing team or by scoring the most targets.Then finish up with a final round with an added twist, DodgeBalls! That’s right, arrows and dodge-balls flying thru the air, oh my! Come experience what the New York Times calls “A chance to Embrace your inner Katniss”.

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