What is Paintball/ReBall?2018-02-17T09:20:02-04:00

Simply put, Paintball is a sport where two teams play each other and attempt to ‘’hit’’ each other out using high powered air rifles to shoot and “Eliminate” the opposing team using small balls with paint that explode on impact when you “hit” a player.

Reball is literally the same as Paintball, just without the mess. The balls we use are made of rubber instead of paint. They do not exlpode. They still hurt the same as a normal Paintball. The best part is that you get UNLIMITED AMMO. Since they are reusable, we are able to provide you with plenty of ammo for each of your games, and compared to real paintballs, you don’t have to spend money and buy more ammo when you run out! We provide you with a Paintball Gun, Mask, Ammo Belt, and UNLIMITED AMMO all for one low price!

What age do you have to be to play Paintball?2018-02-17T09:21:14-04:00

Players must be a minimum age of 10 years old to play Paintball.

What clothing should I wear?2018-02-17T09:21:37-04:00

You want to wear about two layers of clothing. We recommend you wear a T-shirt, hoody, and sweat pants. Please wear Sneakers (NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS, DRESS SHOES). You can also bring a hat or beanie to cover your head, and a light pair of gloves to cover your fingers. You don’t want to wear too many layers because then you will just be too hot which will result in you being uncomfortable and possibly fogging up your mask!

How big is the field?2018-12-08T19:44:12-04:00

Both of our locations, Long Island City and Staten Island:

We have one 5,000 sqft field. Perfect for 10 vs 10 format for a total of 20 players at a time! We have a Speedball field which simply means fast paced tournament style type of play.

How long is a Paintball Session?2018-02-17T09:22:19-04:00

Our Paintball sessions range from about 2-3 Hour sessions. Half of your time is for actual play, half is orientation and breaks. You or your group will get 15 games which is broken down into 3 rounds. Each round you or your group will play 5 games. After your 5 games, you will come off the field for a break. During this 20-30 minute break period, we recommend you rehydrate, take a breather, and tell some war stories of what just happened! If you are a Birthday Party then during these breaks you will have pizza, and then the last break will be for cake if you supplied your own. Before you know it, you will be back on the field for another round of action. Please keep in mind you are paying for your 15 games, not the time!

How many people can fit on the field and play at once?2018-12-08T17:56:42-04:00

We allow up to 20 players on our fields. 10 Vs 10 is the maximum we allow on our fields for any game. If you happen to have more than 20 players, then we will simply break your group down into smaller teams so we can provide better quality games for your experience.

How many people do I need to reserve and make a private reservation?2018-02-17T09:23:03-04:00

During the weekdays you need a minimum of 6 or more players to make a private reservation. On weekends you need 8 or more players to make a private reservation. You will need to leave a minimum $40 deposit ($5 Per Player) to confirm your reservation. This will guarantee your groups time slot, and private play when you go on the field.

What if I don’t have enough players to make a reservation?2018-02-17T09:24:04-04:00

You will be considered as a “walk on” or “walk ons”. Walk ons are first come, first serve and are not guaranteed. Generally Tuesdays through Fridays, we normally have plenty of walk on space. Saturdays and Sundays we only have limited space for walk on play since we have reservations throughout the entire day. We ask that you give us a call the day of or before heading in so we can let you know what the case is for walk ons for that particular day.

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