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ARENA CQB uses the same equipment as our famous Black Ops Lasertag! It is the most realistic force on force laser combat system in the world today. It uses the most advanced software in the world today that tracks real-time stats like your kills, deaths, ammo count, points, and more just like a real video game! Arena C.Q.B is our a close quarter battlefield which means smaller sized teams, and fast-paced style games! 

Realistic Equipment

Players are equipped with the latest BLACK OPS equipment! All team stats including the player hits, health, and score are displayed on large flat screens so you will know who the top dog really is!

The Field

Training Facility: Battle it out in this close quarters battle field where it was once a training facility for new soldiers to take their combat skills to the next level! Expect tight corners, room breaches, tight hallways and field training props to help enhance our soldiers in the art of combat! Become immersed in this fast paced action field with sound effects and real time stats that will have you thinking that you are really part of a video game!

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