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Get ready to be unleashed in our NEWLY REVAMPED Zombie Lasertag field! You will be immersed into our undercover Zombie Research Prison Facility. This is the definition and future of live action gaming with a horror / haunt theme to it! Also if slaying your friends is not enough, then turn it up a notch and add “ZOMBIES” to your party!

zombie in hallway and player shooting it

Realistic Equipment

Zombie Lasertag uses Black Ops Lasertag equipment which takes players out of the virtual worlds of todays most popular video games, and instead lets them compete in REAL world environments! It is the most realistic force on force laser combat system in the world today. It uses the most advanced software system in the world today that tracks real time stats like your kills, deaths, ammo count, points, and more just like a real video game!

The Field

As mentioned above, you’ll get to play in our newly revamped Zombie Research Prison field! Battle it out with teams of 5 VS 5 at a time, and get immersed into the horror of what happened within the prison to all of the inmates! The prison has a fully immersive sound system, and complete custom lighting system that allows for different lighting themes to make your experience that much more EXTREME! In-between rounds, chill out and relax in our new “ Visitor Center “ / Lounge. and you’ll feel like a true inmate in no time!

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