What is Zombie Lasertag?2018-02-17T09:36:34-04:00

Simply put, Zombie Lasertag is a game where two teams play each other and attempt to ‘’tag’’ each other out using air powered laser tag rifles to shoot and “Eliminate” the opposing team using Lasers when you “tag” or “hit” a player.

How long is a Zombie Lasertag Session?2018-02-17T09:47:25-04:00

Our Zombie Lasertag sessions are 1 Hour and a Half. You will get One Hour of actual play, 15 minutes for orientation, and a 15 minute break. You will get unlimited games. This means however many games your group can get within your session. Games last about 3-5 minutes long (Games vary depending on how long players take to eliminate opposing players). During the 15 minute break period, we recommend you rehydrate, take a breather, and tell some war stories of what just happened! If you are a Birthday Party, this time will be used to eat your pizza. If you have a cake then we will take another 15 minutes out of your game time to accommodate for cake. You may also skip your break and play straight through if you’re not a Birthday Party.

What age do you have to be to play Zombie Lasertag?2018-02-17T09:47:53-04:00

Players must be a minimum age of 7 years old to play Zombie Lasertag.

What age group do you recommend for Zombie Lasertag?2018-02-17T09:48:09-04:00

Although 7 year olds can play Zombie Lasertag, we do recommended this option for teenagers 12 years old and up and adults of all ages!

What equipment do I get?2018-02-17T09:48:28-04:00

Each player will be equipped with the most advanced state of the art lasertag equipment out in the world today. Each player will receive a replica M4 Rifle, and a Tactical Molle Vest.

What clothing should I wear?2018-02-17T09:48:49-04:00

You will be working up a sweat. We recommend you wear shorts, T-shirt, and sneakers (NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS, DRESS SHOES).

Does it hurt?2018-02-17T09:49:05-04:00

There is nothing that actually comes out of the lasertag guns, except an infrared laser that you cannot even see. Straight to the point, there is NO pain involved!

How big is the field?2018-02-17T09:49:27-04:00

We have one 4,000 sqft field.

What is the theme and experience in Zombie Lasertag?2018-02-17T09:49:45-04:00

Zombie Lasertag is the second most popular choice for lasertag here at our facility. The theme of Zombie Lasertag is a replicated video game level on a medium scale. As for experience, players will battle throughout a scary Zombie research facility! Players will battle through a maze like field that constantly changes while time goes by. With lots of hallways, dark corners, and great hiding spots, players are sure to get lost in our research facility, and may never make it out!

How many people can fit on the field and play at once?2018-02-17T09:50:07-04:00

We allow up to 10 Players on our Zombie Lasertag field. 5 Vs 5 is the Maximum we allow on our fields for any game.

What is the Maximum amount of people that I can reserve for?2018-02-17T09:50:27-04:00

We allow up to 40 players Maximum per session. Players will rotate in and out during the restart of games to allow other group members to participate. If you happen to have more than 40 players, you will need to contact and speak with one of our reservation specialist. We can work to accommodate any size group.

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